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Why are concrete modular houses so popular

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In many parts of the world, there is still a huge demand of new building house, so the house building methods are increasingly updated. Under this trend, a new building method comes into people’s eyes, that is  precast concrete modular house construction.

With the concrete modular house making machine line, to manufacture different sizes single concrete module units, then stack these concrete units according to the drawings to get the final building.

Generally, it can be assembled 500 square meters building project every day, so this concrete modular house method is especially suitable for long time construction project such as dormitories, hotels, schools, office buildings etc. In addition to fast assembly, the construction is not affected by the weather, can be assembled in any weather. These two aspects greatly reduce the construction period, thereby reducing labor costs.

The precast concrete modular house is cheaper than traditional concrete-brick house. The use of precast concrete modular house brings lots of savings. Take a concrete module unit of 3.3*6.6*3 meters  (about 22 square meters) as an example,it only needs 8.5 cubic meters of concrete, and 420KG steel bar, so a concrete house with the same quality and the same area, the amount of concrete and steel for the precast structure house will be much less than traditional methods.

Modular construction is an excellent choice to build house people could affordable. As we all know, many countries and regions are still developing and their lives are not rich, so high-quality precast concrete houses with low construction cost will become more and more popular.




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