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 Concrete modular house is also called precast concrete house, belonging to concrete prefabricated building. It is a new type of construction method with good energy saving, low construction cost and fast construction speed. It is made of reinforced-concrete structure, which is prefabricated into unit modules in the factory by special equipment, and then transported to the site for assembly directly. Its level of prefabrication is high, the size is accurate. The construction speed of concrete modular house is fast and 500 square meters can be built in one day, which increases the construction speed greatly. Its appearance realized the industrial production of concrete houses. It is also characterized by earthquake resistant and wind resistant, moisture proof and fireproof, sound insulation and heat insulation. It can be assembled into various styles houses and buildings, and be widely used in civil houses and public buildings, such as villas, residential, apartments, office buildings, collective dormitory, farm houses, shops and so on.


 Compared with traditional brick and concrete houses, the main advantages of concrete modular houses are low construction cost, good earthquake resistance, fast construction speed, labor saving, long lifetime, no leaving construction rubbish, and can be removed when demolition. It is in line with the development direction of environmental protection construction advocated by the world.

1. Low construction cost: The construction cost is only half of traditional brick and concrete house.
2. Fast construction speed: High level of prefabrication, 500 square meters can be built in one day, greatly increases construction speed.
3. Earthquake resistance: It can withstand magnitude 9 earthquake and will not collapse as a whole due to partial damage, because each unit module has its independent load-bearing structure.
4. Wind-resistant: It can withstand hurricane of 200km/h. The weight of each unit module is around 20 tons (the weight of 10 cars).
5. Energy saving and ECO friendly: Achieved zero construction waste and zero noise pollution during the construction process, can be remove and reuse when demolition.
6. Long life: Lifetime of reinforced-concrete structure can reach more than 100 years.
7. Fire retardant: Reinforced concrete structure solid wall, fire resistance time is long.
8. Soundproof: The amount of sound insulation of the wall can reach more than 65dB.
9. Heat insulation: Reinforced concrete structure solid wall has good heat  insulation.
10. Flexible assembly: Can be assembled into various styles houses and buildings, each room can be assembled by one or more units modules, five story building can be assembled.

 Due to the rapid increase in labor costs, the drawbacks of traditional construction methods relying on construction labor become increasingly prominent. In addition, with the development of the social economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people's awareness of the protection of the human settlement environment has been increasing. Construction waste and noise pollution have become problems that cannot be solved by traditional construction methods.


 The appearance of the Concrete Modular House, has not only solved the problem of rising construction labor costs, but also achieved zero construction waste and zero noise pollution during the construction process, with its advantages of low construction cost, fast construction speed, strong earthquake resistance, energy saving and environmental protection. It is a new construction mode. By setting up a concrete module house factory in your local, you can help build the beautiful villages for your country,  benefit the local residents and make them living in comfortable houses at low cost, while you are getting the economy profit from this new construction market.


 At present, many countries have introduced some policies successively to promote the development of the construction industry towards energy saving, environmental protection and economical industrialization.




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