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  • What are the advantages of concrete modular houses compared with traditional brick and concrete houses?

  • What equipment are required to produce concrete modular houses? What is the production process ?

  • What is the production efficiency of concrete modular house equipments? (What is the monthly or annual output?)

    The production efficiency depends on the configuration of the equipments. There are several common configurations for  reference:


  • How about the warranty?

    You'll get one year warranty for machines from us.
  • What is the size and floor area of each concrete module? Can the size of concrete module be customized ?

    the general sizes of one concrete module are:
    Width*Length: 3*6m, 3.3*6m , 3.3*6.6m, 3.5*7m, 3.6*6m ,3.6*6.6m, 3.6*7.2m.
    The general height is 3m.
    So the floor area of a general size concrete module is from 18 square meters to 28 square meters.
    You can choose one or several sizes among them, one forming machine can only produce one size. For example , if you invest middle-scale productivity equipments group (FAQ 3), then you have four forming machines, we will suggest you choose two sizes , every two forming machines for one size . If you don’t know which sizes to choose, we can help you choose according to your application.
    If you need to produce other sizes concrete modules , we can customize the forming machine for you .




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