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01--Process Reinforcing Bar

Process the rebar by CNC rebar machine, and weave the rebar (reinforcing bar) into grid.

02--Cover Forming Machine With Rebar

Adjust the forming machine, and cover the inner chassis of forming machine with rebar.

03--Produce and Pour Concrete

Produce concrete by the concrete machines. Close the slidable side sheet of forming machine, and control the gantry crane to pour concrete into the machine until it is full by concrete hopper.

04--Accelerate Solidification And Increase Strength

Cover the forming machine with composite cloth cover, and then turn on quick-solidifying machine to accelerate the solidification of concrete modular house. And increase its strength quickly.

05--Move And Store Finished Product

After several hours, a unit modular house is finished, pull open the side sheet of forming machine, adjust inner chassis to shrink to detach the wall of house. Control the gantry crane to hoist the house and store it.

06--Delivery And Assembly

Hire truck to deliver the concrete modular house to the site of end-customer according the orders, and assemble on side.

07--House Decoration

Decorative the interior and exterior wall of house with common materials. The decoration method is the same as traditional house. So end-customers can hire  

the decoration workers to do it by end-customers themselves.




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