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  • What is the wall thickness of the concrete modular house?

    The general thickness is 15cm, if you need to produce thicker or thinner wall, we can customize the forming machine according to your requirements.

  • Is it necessary to connect the adjacent concrete modules after assembled ?

    Generally, there is no need to connect. Because the average weight of an unit concrete module is about 20 tons, it will not move or collapse even in a hurricane or rainstorm. If you are still worried, you can  connect them. There are reinforcing steel hoisting rings hided in the four corners at the top of each concrete module. You can weld the hoisting rings of adjacent concrete modules with some reinforcing bar after concrete modules are assembled. Only need to weld the horizontal modules of the same floor, no need to weld the vertical modules of the different floor. Because the weight will be hundreds of tons after weld the horizontal modules, it is impossible to be moved.

  • How to treat the joint between the concrete modules on the external wall after assembly?

    Cement mortar screeding to the joint when decorating the exterior wall.

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  • Does the roof floor of the house need waterproof treatment after assembled?

    If you make sloping roof for the house,it means the roof floor is covered with roof tiles (steel roof tile, ceramic roof tile, PVC roof tile or other tile), then, it is unnecessary to do waterproof treatment. Because the roof tiles have the function of waterproof and drainage.
    If you make flat roof for the house,it means the roof floor is not covered with roof tiles, then the waterproof treatment is necessary. Just do the waterproof treatment the same as traditional houses.

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  • How many floors can the concrete modular house be built at most? How many square meters of concrete modular house can be assembled by a crane in one day?

    Concrete modular houses can be built up to five floors, such as five story dormitory or office building. One crane can assemble more than 500 square meters (about 20-30 modules) a day, and two cranes can assemble more than 1,000 square meters (about 50-60 modules) a day. In general,   finishing the assembly of an ordinary area house only takes one day.





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