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Economic benefits of prefab house

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The fundamental purpose of developing Prefabricated construction building is to realize three benefits and bring real benefits to consumers, enterprises, society and the future. Concrete modular prefab house changes the traditional extensive construction mode, realizes the green ecological development goal, saves energy and reduce emissions, improves the efficiency, and more importantly changes the business mode of the whole construction industry, realizes the maximum integration of resources, maximizes the utilization, the precast concrete house implements the integrated modern enterprise operation and management mode in the research and development design, component production, construction assembly, operation management and so on, can maximize the enterprise's resource optimization and allocation role in design, production, construction and management, and realize the overall benefit.

Therefore, the cost come down, function, quality and efficiency improve. Those are the biggest advantages of our Cost-effective concrete modular house machinery.

For example, some security housing product definition "application standardization, industrialization, BIM and green technology construction, concentrate on single, family of two, core family, three generations living in four core user groups of fine living products", the qualitative needs of the implementation of quantitative standardized design, on the basis of standardized design to achieve a diversified combination, so as to achieve the design of "openness" "accommodation" "diversification", while achieving mass production, cost reduction is practical feasibility. At the same time, the first-tier urban raw materials and labor costs are higher, Precast concrete modular production line adopts meticulous management, which is much easier to achieve cost reduction.




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