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What do you know about concrete modular house

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Concrete modular house is also called precast concrete house, belonging to concrete assembly building. It is a new type of construction method with good energy saving and low construction cost. It adopts reinforced concrete structure, which is prefabricated into unit modules in the factory through special equipment, and then directly transported to the site for assembly. The level of prefabrication is high, the size is accurate, the construction speed is very fast, and 500 square meters can be built in one day, which greatly increases the construction speed. It realized the industrial production of concrete houses. It can be used to build permanent building or as relocation house. It is characterized by earthquake resistant and wind resistant, moisture proof and fireproof, sound insulation and heat insulation. Can be assembled into all kinds of styles houses and buildings, widely used in civil houses and public buildings, such as villas, residential, office buildings, collective dormitory, farm houses, hotels, shops and so on.

Compared with traditional brick and concrete houses, the main advantages of concrete modular houses are low construction cost, good earthquake resistance, long service life, fast construction speed, labor saving, long lifetime, no leaving construction rubbish, and can be removed when demolition. It is in line with the development direction of environmental protection construction advocated by the world.




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